Historical Weather

Historical Weather and Climate Data

Early in my career as a meteorologist it was hard to get weather information. It was expensive, too. I remember when I first started my weather consulting firm my budget for just getting raw weather data was $900 a month! Now you can get more weather information than you could possibly use in a lifetime on the internet.

I have made no attempt to store or compile historical weather data on this website. There are way too many places that are doing a great job of it to trying to duplicate their efforts.

Instead, i have compiled links to sites that contain historical weather information I trust. 

All of the sources below have weather data that I have used in legal cases. Their information has ALWAYS been admitted into evidence.

US Government Sources Of Historical Weather Data

National Climate Data Center

Other Government Sources Of Historical Weather Data

Flood Control District of Maricopa County

Private Sources Of Historical Weather Data

Weather Underground